Business Solutions

Comprehensive and multi-level support
at all stages of your Company development
The policy of Integration ICN is aimed at comprehensive support of Customers while building and developing a successful business in the field of brokerage services.

We combine the best technological solutions to provide you with the high-quality comprehensive support at every stage of implementing business plans. The fundamental principle of our work consists in providing high-quality innovative software products and services using which your professional activity in the financial industry will acquire a completely new progressive level.

To organize trade in the financial markets, the Company uses ICN — a global electronic system of executing orders for buying and selling financial assets.

This system allows all participants to make deals directly with each other, increasing liquidity flows. A single network of leading brokerage companies and cooperation with large financial institutions open up the opportunity for Integration ICN to provide a large amount of internal and external liquidity, as well as to integrate both traditional financial instruments and a wide range of crypto instruments. Thus, the priority objective of all brokerage companies is achieved — to provide their customers with the high-quality terms of trade, thereby creating a strong foundation for the confident development of their business at the international level.

Following the current trends in the field of information technology, we give great importance to modern service models and implement them in our own practice.

Providing services and products based on SaaS solutions is one of the strategic vectors of the Integration ICN activity. We are focused on creating a flexible system that meets the needs of brokerage companies with different approaches and preferences.

Choosing SaaS, you receive many advantages that unify and optimize the business processes of your company by means of provided ready-made models with the possibility of individual deep customization.

iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform provides access to executing trades and using the relevant services. The platform includes a range of innovative developments protected by the international patents in the field of capital management and financial market analysis.

The software solutions, which comply with modern standards, are implemented in products that ensure the customer support operation, control and processing of internal financial transactions, verification processes and maintenance of customer credentials, as well as meet high requirements for reliability and security. Considering new trends in IT, we provide an opportunity to integrate these solutions into any systems already used by brokerage companies.

The functional features of each product and service are aimed at implementing and regulating all the mechanisms required for successful operation of brokerage companies. Integration ICN follows the concept of maximum usefulness and efficiency of the solutions provided for the development of your business.

A multi-level integration approach to servicing our Customers is an unchangeable concept of Integration ICN. We are aimed at the full comprehensive assistance in creating a brokerage company — from receiving licenses, connecting payment systems, opening accounts, analyzing a business plan, providing recruitment and qualification recommendations to developing a website concept and accompanying related processes.

Integration ICN means world standards of doing business, improvement and expansion of the range of brokerage services, and innovative technologies in the financial market industry.