Integration ICN – Integration Information and Communication Network.

The only right solution
for all participants of the financial market
Desktop and Mobile
Trading Platform
iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform integrates reliability, efficiency and conceptually new functionalities for successful trading in financial markets. The software and algorithmic modules allow you to analyze market situation, develop automated trading strategies using the C# language as well as test and optimize them.
iPA Service
iPA service provides access to a risk-free capital management and copying of trading signals processed by risk management algorithms. Using the intelligent processing, the comprehensive analysis of signals is conducted and if necessary they are modified in order to minimize risks and to increase yield.
Liquidity Provider
Consolidating leading brokerage companies into the unified network on the basis of its own technologies and cooperating with the large financial institutions make Integration ICN the advanced liquidity provider. Considerable internal and external liquidity allows Integration ICN to provide high-quality market quotes and it ensures the rapid and best price execution of trading orders.
Comprehensive Business Solutions
The implementation of modern verification systems for managing customers’ credentials, monitoring, processing and ensuring safety of internal transactions through the FCMS system, delivery of specialized software intended for customer support service, activation of payment systems and other services are provided for business development.
API for Developers
The use of API allows you to implement unique interface solutions and functionalities of websites and applications. The implementation of ready-made technology solutions in your own business means the efficient management of internal resources for high results.
The development of companies’ IT infrastructure using SaaS solutions provided by Integration ICN allows you to optimize business processes and significantly reduce expenditures on installation, maintenance and update of licensed software.