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Unique software solutions.
Cutting-edge functionalities.

iPro Marketplace is a new generation trading and analytical platform, which integrates advanced technologies, comprehensive functionalities and unique interface solutions. Meeting high standards of quality, stability and performance, the platform is easy-to-use that is implemented in an intuitive and user-friendly interface. iPro Marketplace allows you to change the color scheme of graphic elements, increase the workspace and customize the visual component according to a user’s needs.

The platform includes a set of software components to trade effectively and easy in the financial markets:


The mobile version of iPro Marketplace allows you to trade in the financial market using your mobile device or tablet. Developed on the basis of the latest software solutions, it provides all necessary functions for full-featured and efficient trading.

The mobile application allows you to:
  • view the current quotes, create orders and open the charts on every currency pair from the provided list;
  • analyze the price movement quickly and accurately with the ability to change Time Frame and the chart type, apply indicators, create orders and much more;
  • modify trading orders and manage funds in your trading account;
  • view general as well as detailed information on trading results for the required period of time.

The user interface of the iPro Marketplace mobile version with compact elements and convenient display format makes the work process the most comfortable and productive.


The web application is designed for effective dealers’ work whose activity is to analyze trading information, monitor the volume of trades and make decisions, which influence the functioning of a trading server.

The software features of iPro Manager allow you to perform many tasks, including the following:
  • trading server administration;
  • management of trading conditions;
  • generating detailed statement on the status of customers’ trading accounts;
  • monitoring, balance control as well as the liquidity management;
  • control and analysis of the quality of trading order execution;
  • generating financial statements on transactions between trading, master and system accounts;
  • generating detailed statistical and management reports;
  • monitoring the status of iPro Manager software system components.

iPro Manager is a multi-level system developed to monitor, analyze and manage conditions. This system allows you to respond quickly to the changes in market conditions.


Financial Control and Management System allows customers to credit and transfer funds through international payment systems.

The functionality of the FCMS web application allows you to:
  • process financial transactions;
  • monitor the movement of funds;
  • monitor financial transactions;
  • monitor suspicious financial activity;
  • provide data protection;
  • generate financial statement.

The FCMS meets the high security requirements and reliability of modern software products, and provides a high level of confidentiality.


The Rollover software module is a component of iBroker service. It is designed to calculate and distribute compensation among the participants of partnership programs based on the results of their activity.

The funds are credited to the customers’ accounts through the interaction of this module with the FCMS system, where the appropriate financial transactions are generated and processed. The Rollover allows you to quickly adjust and change the processing rules and compensation accrual according to your requirements.

The functionality of this component allows you to save the history of all rollovers for further data analysis, which will be made by the FCMS system and for generation of a detailed statement.


The basic and additional functionalities have been implemented in AMS that allows you to work with the accounts of customers at all levels.


The Account Management System is an adaptive customer verification system, which helps to automate the data processing. AMS is managed through the web interface. Its main function is to store and manage user accounts with the guaranteed security of operations and with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) international standards compliance.

Using AMS, you can perform the following tasks:
  • process the requests received from customers to create and change the credentials;
  • process the requests received from customers to activate products and services;
  • verify the compliance of a customer’s credentials with the laws and regulatory documents;
  • verify and adjust separate parameters of customer’s requests;
  • monitor the relevance of a customer’s credentials;
  • generate targeted mailings;
  • generate reports on customers;
  • generate reports for regulators;
  • analyze biometric data;
  • set up directories and individual parameters while working with requests.

SSO allows you to automate business processes in the customer support departments and call centers. The software product is designed to ensure effective interaction with customers as well as to provide information and consulting support.

SSO allows you to perform the following key tasks:
  • registration and processing of incoming customer requests;
  • generating and sending SMS notifications;
  • static and intelligent routing of calls;
  • redistribution of requests according to the load of employees of the customer support department;
  • storing the history of customer requests;
  • generating reports on closed requests;
  • quality control of stuff performance of the relevant departments.

SSO provides organization of high-quality work for establishing successful communication with customers that can significantly increase the level of their confidence in the company.


The Client Dashboard web application is designed to plan and develop projects aimed at improving the quality of customer service as well as at promoting products and services.

The internal resource, which provides comprehensive information about customers within the company cooperation, allows you to identify their difficulties in using services as well as their preferences and priority needs.

Thus, you have the opportunity to provide customers with the target technical support and timely assistance, develop effective marketing strategy and determine the further prospects of the company’s activity.