Integration ICN Services

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in providing financial services
Trading server is a set of software components that process trading information received from the trading and analytical platforms and interact with the financial market. The main functions of the trading server involve receiving the current quotes, storing and transferring the history of quotes, creating market and pending orders and much more.
This service allows you to use part of the trading server and involves:
  • Executing trades received from customers;
  • Storing the history of trades;
  • Monitoring the balance of customers’ accounts in a real-time mode;
  • Prohibiting trading in case of exceeding the account balance;
  • Managing customers’ credentials;
  • Generating account statements and reports for regulators.
We offer the following configuration options and settings for the trading server :
  • Determining the basic trading instrument;
  • Setting up trading conditions for groups of customers;
  • Setting the Margin Call thresholds;
  • Configuring the connection scheme to LMS;
  • Managing software updates;
  • Setting up API to connect the website and other brokerage tools.

Within this service, you get an opportunity to rationalize time and money expenditures on your own developments using API. The API components are designed to connect the external systems with the trading server and allow implementing ready-made software solutions in your company’s products and services.

The service includes:
  • Developing custom API according to individual needs of brokerage companies;
  • Support while testing and the further API integration into the Customer’s product;
  • Technical support and maintenance in operation mode;
  • Training of specialists of the brokerages companies how to work with API;
  • Customizing authorization and mechanisms of API tokenization (security).
Integration ICN provides market configuration services using an integration liquidity management system. LMS implements business processes that provide trade execution between liquidity providers (Liquidity provider, LP) and brokers using the iPro Server (trading server). Liquidity aggregation and control technology of quotes flow ensure the supply of the best prices and the fast execution of orders.

The configuration setting and execution of service procedures within LMS, as well as monitoring the status and replenishing the providers’ accounts are carried out through the administration web-panel.
The service also includes:
  • Choosing a provider from those already used or connecting to a new provider;
  • Choosing the broker’s operating mode as a liquidity provider for other brokers;
  • Choosing ways to combine providers for orders processing: at the best price, at the best volume, at the highest rate, re-processing in case of execution rejection;
  • Enabling/disabling providers while maintaining the quality of order processing;
  • Forming the price flow and schemes of order execution;
  • Using the provider reservation scheme in case of its disconnection or unstable operation;
  • Generating various types of reports for financial management of LP-accounts as well as monitoring the status of system components.

We offer a wide range of opportunities to build a market of the required configuration with a high level of optimization for your tasks.


This service provides access to an innovative model of capital management, which allows its participants to use the potential of financial markets at most. Within this system, iPA-Managers (providers) carry out their professional trading activity in a non-nominal account without risking their own funds. iPA-Investors (subscribers) have an opportunity to multiply their own capital by copying trading signals of the best iPA-Managers applying iPA technology.

iPA (Intelligent Processing Algorithms) are algorithms of intelligent processing of trading signals generated by providers. The uniqueness of iPA technology lies in the software module, which analyzes trading signals based on the basic algorithms of risk management in order to minimize potential risks and multiply the total profit. While being processed, the algorithms determine a necessity to modify, block or use trading signals in the initial form for their further transmission to the iPA-Investor account.

Thus, an iPA-Investor can copy trading signals applying the original trading strategy of an iPA-Manager (Original) or applying algorithms of iPA technology (Processed).


The Long List of iPA-Managers is a ranked list of iPA-Managers’ trading results, which provides full information on the effectiveness of trading strategies on the financial instruments of both Original and Processed accounts. The extended set of statistical and analytical indicators in the Long List of iPA-Managers allows iPA-Investors to determine as accurately as possible the best iPA-Managers to copy their trading signals applying iPA technology.

The general Long List includes iPA-Managers registered in all brokerage companies and united by the Integration ICN trading platform. Open access to a common communication network of iPA-Managers will allow your customers to use the high liquidity of financial instruments for executing trades within iPA system. Using this service, you will significantly minimize expenditures on creating the extensive customer base by accessing a large number of successful iPA-Managers from different countries.

Long List Manager
Long List Portfolio

The Portfolio Long List is a ranked list of Portfolios formed by iPA-Investors based on the trading results of iPA-Managers. The Long List displays information on the effectiveness of each Portfolio and the history of the executed trades, which helps an iPA-Investor to make the right financial decision.

Open access to the general Long List means favorable advantages of copying trading signals of the most profitable Portfolios, integration into the comprehensive system. Due to free access to a large number of system participants, you get the opportunity to constantly replenish the customer base. Working with this service, you will be able to provide your customers with stable liquidity of financial instruments for executing trades using iPA technology.


iBroker Partnership Program is a profitable model of cooperation that allows you to increase the brand recognition of your company, thereby increasing the flow of customers from all over the world. iBroker Partnership Program has been created considering the current trends and the growing popularity of the web space. It is an effective system for promoting products and services in the World Wide Web.

iBroker Partners carry out their activity by using ready-made tools for online promotion, posting them on thematic web resources. The main goal is to encourage a potential customer to go to the company website, schedule a call back, register, open an account etc. These tools are constantly updated, which helps to maintain an increased interest during the whole advertising period. As a result, the system provides stable mechanisms of attracting customers by iBroker Partners, whose activity is stimulated through regular remunerations.

For the convenient work with the iBroker program, the tools are provided to monitor the activities of its participants, evaluate productivity and plan tactics to attract customers. The user-friendly interface of this system allows iBroker Partners based on the results obtained to correctly adjust it according to the needs of the target Internet audience. Using this service, you get a competent modern marketing strategy for the dynamic development of your business.


Connecting technical and customer support services is an additional opportunity to optimize significantly the expenditures on developing the technical infrastructure, forming the staff of the corresponding profiles, managing and monitoring the quality of their work.

Using technical support services on the basis of the SaaS-model will allow you to reduce resources for the deployment and updating of necessary systems. The advantage of the customer support service consists in providing the qualified comprehensive assistance to your customers. We guarantee an efficient and prompt solution of all problems related to maintaining the efficiency of products and quality service in general.


We offer services for creating and developing the information and reference resources adjusted for your company's brand. These resources are an effective tool for information support of your customers on the current topics and areas within the framework of cooperation. The reference websites that contain useful information, training materials, detailed instructions on how to use products and services will allow you to significantly accelerate and facilitate the work of your customers and increase the level of confidence in the company.


A specialized forum with various sections and thematic branches is designed for interactive communication between traders and developers of trading strategies. Access to the community of users of iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform will allow your customers to timely exchange current information, share useful materials and actively discuss interesting topics. With the help of this service, you can significantly increase the popularity of the provided services and products.

The projects on building websites are implemented considering modern technologies and necessary requirements at all stages of the full cycle. We carry out a comprehensive business analysis, determine competitive advantages of your company subsequently applying data in the concept design and website architecture. A systematic approach combined with a focus on the individual needs and wishes of each Customer contribute to the development of a quality product. You can use hosting and administration services, as well as related services to support the web resource including optimization and promotion with the help of effective tools.